Dear SES team,

I am very grateful for your exam model answers and your video clips with tips on how to answer the exam questions. I followed your exam technique and practiced on the exam questions. Your model answers have helped me to improve on my answers. In a short time, I have learned to write and present my answers concisely and I managed to finish the exam within the time duration. My exam pressure and stress level have also gone down. I also want to thank you for making available top quality model answers at affordable price and this has allowed me to buy the complete series of the subjects I needed. Thanks a lot and God bless you. – Anna


Your model answers are very concise and the explanations are very clear. I want to score straight A*s like you have done. Do you have more solved model answers for Business Studies 0450, Accounting 0452 and Economics 0455? I want to identify the important topics and study your model answers. Cheers! – Asa

Dear Sir/Madam,

I like your model answers for Business Studies. The way you communicate and present your written answers so clearly and concisely are really good. I want to write my answers like the way you did it. Can I get more of your model answers for Business Studies as soon as possible? The exam is near and I need more pleaseeez. – Iyaa

To: Solved Exam Solutions.

I have bought your model answers for the science subjects. Really like the way the answers are written and presented – very concise and effective. I have practiced answering some exam papers using the exam technique recommended in your video clips. So happy that I can now answer the questions within the time duration and write my answers concisely within the space given on the exam paper. Your model answers are very helpful and I just wonder if you have the model answers for the 2019 series as well? – Dora

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