Physics (0625)

IGCSE Physics (0625) Exam Complete Model Answers comes with Bonus Video Clips on how to answer IGCSE exam papers.

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Candidates sit for Three Compulsory Papers:

1) Paper 2 – Answer 40 multiple-choice questions in 45 minutes with weightage at 30%.

2) Paper 4Answer structured questions in 1 hour 15 minutes with weightage at 50%.

3) Paper 6Answer alternative practical questions in 1 hour with weightage at 20%.

(Cambridge IGCSE Physics 0625 syllabus 2020)

How to score in the exam?

You must be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of scientific definitions, phenomena, facts, instruments and also apparatus.
  • Explain different phenomena by applying scientific knowledge.
  • Analyse data, identify trends, formulate hypotheses and also solve problems.
  • Plan experiment, record and analyse data and also explain observations clearly.
  • Interpret and evaluate your analysis of experimental observations.
  • Make valid conclusions and also give suggestions for improvements.

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Remember that in Paper 4 and Paper 6 exams, you have limited time duration to analyse, calculate and write very concise answers within the limited writing space provided.

You can learn from our complete model answers, the effective technique to present and communicate your answers to score higher marks.

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Complete Model Answers with Bonus Video Clips!

Our IGCSE Exam Complete Model Answers comes together with Bonus Video Clips specially produced to help you in Paper 4 and Paper 6 exams. Check out the video clips for the tips on How to Answer IGCSE Exam Questions.

How to use our Complete Model Answers?

You can follow the exam technique recommended in the video clips as you practise answering exam questions. Check your answers with our model answers and see how much you have improved! Yes! It’s cool! It’s possible to score higher marks in the exams!

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PHYSICS (0625)



May/June 2019   < view gallery 2019 >

1 . Paper 2 : 0625_s19_22

2 . Paper 4 : 0625_s19_42

3 . Paper 6 : 0625_s19_62

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1 . Paper 2 : 0625_w18_21

2 . Paper 4 : 0625_w18_41

3 . Paper 6 : 0625_w18_61

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Paper 4 (0625_w18_41) + Paper 6 (0625_w18_61)


May/June 2017   < view gallery 2017 >

1 . Paper 2 : 0625_s17_21

2 . Paper 4 : 0625_s17_41

3 . Paper 6 : 0625_s17_61

Special Package @ 25% OFF normal price :
Paper 4 (0625_s17_41) + Paper 6 (0625_s17_61)


Oct/Nov 2016   < view gallery 2016 >

1 . Paper 2 : 0625_w16_22

2 . Paper 4 : 0625_w16_42

3 . Paper 6 : 0625_w16_62

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Paper 4 (0625_w16_42) + Paper 6 (0625_w16_62)


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