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2020 Complete Exam Model Answers

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It’s possible to score higher marks in the exams!

See how graduate student who scored straight A*s in all her subjects and received a Top in the World award did it in these exam Complete Model Answers

You can learn the way the A* student writes and presents her exam answers effectively and score high marks.

How our Complete Model Answers can help you?

Remember that you are allowed limited time duration to answer the questions during the exams! You are also expected to write very concise answers within the limited writing space provided on the exam paper.

You may be asking: How to…

  • answer those difficult exam questions?
  • write so many points within the limited time duration?
  • write concise short answers within the limited space provided?
  • present and communicate the answers effectively to increase the chances of scoring higher marks? 

These Complete Model Answers have helped students to be more effective in presenting and communicating their answers in the exams to score higher marks.

Check out our series of Complete Model Answers and see how they may help you.


What students say about our complete model answers

“I like your model answers for Business Studies. The way you communicate and present your written answers so clearly and concisely are really good. I want to write my answers like the way you did it.” – Iyaa

“Do you have more solved model answers for Business Studies 0450, Accounting 0452 and Economics 0455? I want to identify the important topics and study your model answers.” – Asa

“I have practiced answering some exam papers using the exam technique recommended in your video clips. So happy that I can now answer the questions within the time duration and write my answers concisely within the space given on the exam paper.” – Dora

“Thank you for making available top quality model answers!” – Anna

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Complete Model Answers with Bonus Video Clips

Our series of IGCSE Exams Complete Model Answers were prepared by experienced lecturer/tutor who has helped student to score straight A-stars in all her subjects and received a Top in the World award.

These IGCSE Exam Complete Model Answers come together with Bonus Video Clips specially produced for each subject/module. The video clips will show you Tips on How to Answer IGCSE Exam Questions for each subject/module.

Follow the Exam Technique shown in the Bonus Video Clips and practice answering the exam questions. Then check your answers with those in the Complete Model Answers and see for yourselves how much you can improve! Cool!

We hope our series of IGCSE Exam Complete Model Answers and Bonus Video Clips will help set you on your way to achieve greater success in your exams! It’s possible to score higher marks in the exams! Cheers!

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