Economics (0455)

IGCSE Economics (0455) Exam Complete Model Answers also included with Bonus Video Clips with tips on how to answer IGCSE exam papers. 

2019 May-June series Complete Model Answers

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Critical Success Factors for IGCSE Economics (0455)

  • Know and also understand economic facts, definitions and concepts.
  • Apply economic principles, concepts and theories.
  • Organize and also classify economic data.
  • Analyse economic situations to answer related economic questions.
  • Interpret and also evaluate economic information, patterns and trends.
  • Justify comments with economic principles, concepts and theories.
  • Present and also communicate your answers clearly.


For Economics (0455), candidates take two compulsory components

Paper 1 is a 30 multiple choice questions paper. The time duration is 45 minutes. All 30 questions must be answered. The weightage of this paper is 30% of the total marks for this subject.

In addition, Paper 2 is a structured question paper. There is one compulsory question. It requires interpretation and also analysis of data relevant to a real economic situation scenario. Candidates are also required to answer another three questions out of a choice of six other scenario questions. The duration of the exam is 2 hours and 15 minutes. The weightage of this paper is 70% of the total marks for this subject.

(Cambridge IGCSE Economics 0455 syllabus 2019)


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Available here now – our IGCSE Economics (0455) Complete Model Answers prepared by a graduate student. She scored straight A*s in all her subjects and also received a Top in the World award. The answers were also vetted by an experienced lecturer and tutor based on the CIE marking schemes.

The Economics (0455) allows candidates very limited time duration to answer the questions during the exams! You are also expected to write very concise answers for the Paper 2 Compulsory Case Study and scenario questions.

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Complete Model Answers with Bonus Video Clips!

Our IGCSE Exam Complete Model Answers also come together with Bonus Video Clips specially produced for Economics (0455) Paper 2. The video clips will also show you Tips on How to Answer IGCSE Exam Questions for Economics (0455) Paper 2 Compulsory Case Study and scenario questions.


How to use the Complete Model Answers?

Follow the exam technique shown in the video clips and practice answering the exam questions. Then check your answers with those in the model answers. See for yourselves how much you can improve! It’s cool!


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We also hope our series of IGCSE Exam Complete Model Answers and Bonus Video Clips will help set you on your way to achieve greater success in your exams! Cheers!


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Paper 2 : 0455_s17_23


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Paper 1 : 0455_w16_13

Paper 2 : 0455_w16_23



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